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UB Optimalkan Technopark untuk Budidaya Tanaman dan Outbond

Posted by on April 23, 2015
Konferensi Pers Technopark UB di Cangar

Konferensi Pers Technopark UB di Cangar

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) introduced techno park area in Cangar Batu into the communities through the media. The event was summarized in an outbound together with some media redaction principals in East Java, Monday (20/Apr/15).

In a press conference session, The Head Techno Park of Cangar, Prof. Dr. Sumeru Ashari, M.Agr.Sc mentioned that a hallmark Techno park Cangar UB is organic crops which are not planted using chemical ingredients.

“The crops recently grown at techno park such as strawberry, apple, broccoli and potatoes. Moreover, UB also started to cultivate scarce fruits that are not exist in Indonesia, like kiwi and kaki fruit,” Sumeru said.

Kaki is a fruit that is similar with kesemek although not provided with lime yet still seet. Kaki is originally from Japan. In addition to kaki fruit nursery, techno park UB team will also seed Kiwi fruit of New Zealand.

Beside will be utilized as experiment laboratory and tool of student learning in agriculture field, techno park UB will also be utilized for outbound facilities.

The facilities can be used by student in affordable cost. Vice Dean of Student affairs FISIP Dr. Muwafik Shaleh as the outbound coordinator in Cangar said that ready to accept students who will use techno park facilities.

In order to try outbound facilities at techno park of Cangar, UB principals such as Deans and Bureau Head competed air soft gun with media team. Of the competition, media team succeeded to win the game. [Oky/Humas UB/translated by denok]

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